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What the Companies Say…

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Cigarette research is like a health map for figuring out what conclusions will come out of e-cigarette research as scientists study how they impact the health of young people.

While cigarettes and e-cigarettes contain and release (from heating) similar chemicals, some being cancerous, there are new chemicals associated with e-cigarettes that are harmful to your health. Let’s learn about some of these new chemicals by looking at one e-cigarette brand, JUUL.

Their e-liquid “ingredient” list is provided below. NOTE: what isn’t listed here are all of the chemicals created when the JUUL e-liquid is heated. Remember heating any chemicals creates more chemicals.


What the Science Says

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Scientists identified all of the chemicals in the JUUL pod e-liquid. Guess what, they found a total of 59 chemicals. All of the chemical names are listed below in different colors to represent how harmful they are to the human body. Why wouldn’t JUUL Labs want us to know this?

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