Your Treatment Plan

Based on your simulation or planning visit, your care team will develop your radiation treatment plan.

Once it’s complete, they’ll follow up with you to explain the plan and what you can expect.

How Your Care Team Creates Your Treatment Plan

Every member of your care team works together to create your treatment plan.

This process takes about one week.

If you have questions about your treatment plan or schedule talk to a member of your care team.

Creating Your Treatment Plan

Step 1: Confirm Treatment Area

The radiation oncologist reviews your simulation scan to define the target treatment areas and the surrounding healthy organs and tissues that need to be avoided.

Step 2: Determine Radiation Dose

Once the treatment area is confirmed, your radiation oncologist creates a prescription for your treatment and works with the medical dosimetrist to calculate your radiation dose and design your radiation plan.

Once again, they make sure to avoid healthy organs and tissues.

Step 3: Efficacy & Safety Check

Your radiation oncologist confirms the safety and efficacy of your treatment plan and then passes it onto the medical physicist for review.

Step 4: Review Treatment Plan Delivery

The medical physicist puts your treatment plan through an extensive quality review which includes:

  • A rigorous review to ensure the best, most accurate delivery
  • Performing daily, monthly, and annual checks of all radiation treatment systems (computers, simulators, delivery machines)
  • Ensuring the highest quality of care through monitoring and credentialing by an outside expert organization

This is the last step of treatment planning.

Click on each step to learn how your care team creates your treatment plan.