USADA Recommendations Copy

Here are a few ideas on ways to discuss dietary supplements with patient-athletes:

1. When scheduling appointments, your receptionist can request that patient-athletes take photos of their supplements in advance of the appointment.

2. Ask about supplements on their patient history form and train nurses or other assistants to ask for the information. Ensure that all-inclusive wording is used – i.e., Supplements (gels, powders, drinks, weight loss products, herbals, muscle building products, amino acids, creatine, protein, etc.)

3. Along with the patient-athlete, log-on to the USADA High-Risk List to check if the supplement products are on the list.

4. Encourage the patient-athlete to visit the USADA and Supplement 411 websites so that they may educate themselves on the risks of dietary supplements.

5. Inform the patient-athlete that dietary supplement use can cause a positive doping test and/or health risks.

6. Provide information on your personal or medical website by:

a. Inserting the FDA warning widget that provides dietary supplement warning information.

b. Insert a link to USADAs Supplement 411 educational website.