TUE Committee Review Copy

The TUE Committee (TUEC) is comprised of qualified physicians with medical expertise in a variety of specialty areas. At least two TUEC physicians will forensically review the medical documentation submitted in order to identify if they reach the same diagnosis issued by the treating medical provider.

As set forth in the WADA International Standard for TUEs, the TUEC consider following criteria for approval or denial of a TUE”: 

  1. The prohibited substance/method in question is needed to treat a diagnosed medical condition supported by relevant clinical evidence (the use may be part of a necessary diagnostic investigation than a treatment per se). 
  2. The therapeutic use of the prohibited substance/method will not produce additional enhancement of performance beyond what might be anticipated by a return to the athlete’s normal state of health. (An athlete’s normal state of health will need to be determined on an individual basis. A normal state of health for a specific athlete is their state of health but for the medical condition for which the athlete is seeking a TUE.) 
  3. The prohibited substance/method is an indicated treatment for the medical condition and there is no reasonable permitted therapeutic alternative. (The physician must explain why the treatment chosen was the most appropriate, e.g. based on experience, side-effect profiles, or other medical justifications, including, where applicable geographically specific medical practice, and at the ability to access the medication. Further, it is not always necessary to try and fail alternatives before using the prohibited substance/method.)  
  4. The necessity for the use of the prohibited substance/method is not a consequence, wholly or in part, of the prior use (without a TUE) of a substance/method which was prohibited at the time of such use.  

The TUEC can approve, deny or request additional information. The athlete and/or anyone authorized by the athlete to receive notification will be sent a response within 21 calendar days. An approval will consist of a letter with conditions and the TUE certificate. A denial will consist of a letter outlining the reasons the TUE was denied. If the TUEC could not render an approval or denial and need more information, a letter outlining the request for additional information will be sent. 

Athletes are required to have an approved TUE prior to taking a prohibited substance/method and actively competing in a sanctioned sporting event as outlined in the USADA TUE Policy.