TUE Application Form Copy

If it’s been determined that the patient-athlete needs a prohibited medication/method and if there is a question whether or not an athlete needs a TUE, they can submit a TUE Pre-Check webform found on the USADA Website TUE page. USADA typically responds with an email answer within 3 business days on whether the patient-athlete requires a TUE.  

There are two key factors that must be considered with regards to a medication review & TUE: 

  1. The athlete’s competitive status. If the athlete is considered elite or professional or is in a testing pool (has to report their whereabouts to an anti-doping organization), they will most likely need a TUE for a prohibited substance or method. 
  2. The prohibited status of the medication/method – either In-Competition only or At-All-Times.  

If the athlete is neither elite nor professional or not in a testing pool they may not require a TUE. We recommend you check the USADA website TUE Page regarding the Recreational Athlete Policy which can be found at https://www.usada.org/wp-content/uploads/tue-policy-1.pdf and submit a TUE Pre-Check as a precaution.