Recap: The Treatment Format

CCT consists of 15 sessions organized into 4 phases of intervention, plus a series of take-home activities meant to practice skills in preparation for everyday utilization.

In Phase 1, we provide psychoeducation and introduce coping tools. Child and caregiver perspectives on trauma symptoms may differ, so we discuss them during psychoeducation.

In Phase 2, we build a life timeline—placing traumatic events into the greater context of the child’s life—and have the child narrate their traumatic experience. During the timeline and narrative exercises, we identify emotions, cognitive distortions (i.e., unhelpful thoughts), cues, and memory gaps. We then help to restructure these unhelpful thoughts.

In Phase 3, we do gradual exposure to cues—starting with imaginary, followed by in-session and in-vivo.

Phase 4 represents integration of learned skills while revisiting the trauma experiences, making sure that intervention effects are maintained after termination.

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