The Cigarette Reinvented

How Do We Measure Nicotine Addiction?

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In this course we have compared cigarettes to e-cigarettes since they contain and produce, from heating, a lot of the same harmful chemicals.

A lot of the research on nicotine addiction has been gathered from studying cigarettes. It’s important to know how many cigarettes worth of nicotine are in these cartridges/pods because this shows how addictive these products really are.

E-cigarette companies have studied cigarettes to master nicotine delivery and addict their customers. As a result, they have made it easier for a young person to breathe in more nicotine without the scratchy throat feeling. Remember they can do this because the nicotine in these products are all salt-based and not freebase.

Watch this short video to learn how many cigarettes worth of nicotine are in some of these pods.

That’s A Lot of Nicotine

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This information is only going to stick with you if you test your knowledge. The exercise below wants you to recreate the “Cigs in a Pod” slide from the video above. Feel free to rewatch any part of the video to help you complete the exercise below.

Hint: pay attention to the order of everything, it’s not quite the same as the video!


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