The CCT Structure

CCT is structured over 15 sessions with the flexibility to add extra sessions in each phase. Although we recognize the value of having a caregiver in therapy, experience has taught us that this is not always possible. Hence, CCT has been designed to maximize the active engagement of the child, while not requiring the presence of a caregiver in all sessions.

The intervention is standardized for children age 8 to 18 years, but can be adapted to the child’s age, developmental level, background, and current functioning. It can also be adapted to maximize the therapist’s strengths and approach. In essence, CCT is appropriate for any type of trauma, but emphasis is on ongoing, chronic trauma experiences.

In our online course, we will be covering CCT topics and strategies through a series of clinical vignettes. To demonstrate its application to diverse backgrounds, age, and traumatic experiences, these vignettes will center around four characters: Tasha, Nelson, Brian, and Michelle.

Left to right: Tasha (she/her), Nelson (he/him), Brian (he/him), and Michelle (they/them)