Take-Home Assignments Copy

It is important to explain to both the child and the caregiver that in CCT, there will be several take-home assignments. Some of them are for the caregiver to fill out, but most are given to the child, and the caregiver provides coaching.

CCT Illustration of take home assigment
Take-home assignments provide the child and caregiver opportunities to practice their CCT skills at home

The main purpose of take-home activities is to practice the CCT skills that have been learned in the sessions, in order to optimize benefits from the intervention and ensure that skills are used in everyday life.

Children may have many reasons for not completing the take-home assignments. In such cases, the therapist should exercise patience, using positive reinforcement and encouragement to help them with the assignments. In CCT, we avoid using the term ‘homework’ as the child might have a negative association with it.