Sample Collection Contd. Copy

Throughout the sample collection, the athlete will be the only one to handle the sample collection equipment unless he/she requires assistance.

As per the WADA International Standard for Testing and Investigations, the Doping Control Officer shall test the residual urine in the collection vessel to determine the specific gravity of the sample.

The athlete and/or representative has the right to ask questions and ask for clarification during the doping control process. If you are unsatisfied with the answers, it is best to continue with the sample collection process and request that the athlete and you be given the opportunity to document, on the supplementary report form, in writing any concerns. This ensures that your side of the story is captured and the information can be reviewed should it be necessary in the future. You should be as detailed as possible and receive a copy of your written report for your records.

Athletes are required to declare all their medications and supplements on the declaration form during sample collection.

Athletes and their representative should review the doping control form prior to signing, to ensure complete and accurate information.

If you notice a departure from the standard process, politely point out what you think may be an error, ask for clarification, and request that it is documented on a supplementary report form.