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Supplement 411 is USADA’s dietary supplement safety education and awareness resource. The USADA and Supplement 411 websites have a variety of resources that you may use to educate yourself in order to realize, recognize, and reduce the risks involved with dietary supplements. Click the buttons below to learn more. For the most up-to-date information from USADA on Supplements, please visit the following link: 


Access the Supplement 411 website to realize the risks associated with dietary supplements. This section provides an in depth look at the issues that athletes face while navigating the dietary supplement industry.


Access the Supplement 411 website to learn how to recognize characteristic “red-flags” of dietary supplements. Products that display any of these characteristics pose an elevated anti-doping or health risk.


Access the Supplement 411 website for a step-by-step outline on ways to reduce the risk of testing positive in a doping control test or experiencing adverse health effects, associated with dietary supplement use.

High-Risk List

USADA has compiled a list of dietary supplement products that are considered to be of high-risk to athletes and consumers. Subscribe to this list on the Supplement 411 website to stay up-to-date on these products.