Performance-Enhancing Psychology Skills (PEPS) Copy

Exercise and yoga along with practices like mindfulness and meditation are useful to physically and mentally prepare us to deal with the effects of stress.

illustration of four women practicing yoga, meditation, martial arts

While these practices can generally help keep one calm, the remaining lessons will focus on Performance Enhancing Psychological Skills (PEPS) which include a variety of mental skills designed to regulate arousal during moments of acute stress. These skills are designed to help us actively address our emotional state and stress response in real-time, in order to maintain situational awareness, think clearly, recall key information, act decisively, and perform effectively. PEPS is adapted from evidence-based skills that have been used to train professional athletes and personnel working in other high-stakes occupations. The four components can be recalled using the mnemonic “Beat The Stress Fool” or BTSF, which stands for Breathe, Talk, See, Focus.