Olympic/Paralympic Games Copy

Specific events, such as the Olympic Games, may have strict rules restricting the possession and use of medical equipment and/or needles. Below is some information from past Olympic Games:

It is prohibited for any National Olympic or Paralympic Committee or member of its delegation to bring certain scientific or medical equipment into any Major Games during the period of The Games. Such equipment could include: 

  1. Intravenous paraphernalia including but not restricted to, IV fluids, IV sets or venous catheters 
  2.  Oxygen tanks, cylinders and associated paraphernalia 
  3. Laboratory equipment (e.g. hematology analyzer) except handheld physiological testing equipment for use at venues to assist in the monitoring of training (e.g. heart rate, lactate monitors, etc.) 
  4. Hypoxic or hyperoxic tents or chambers or breathing apparatus 

Prior to a Major Games, read the policy document regarding scientific and medical equipment at the Games, for a complete list of equipment, definition of the “venue”, and information on the period of the Games. This document is made available by the relevant governing committee for the particular Games. 

Medicines and pharmaceutical products, especially controlled drugs, imported into the host country for team use during a Major Games and test events should be declared under customs procedures of the host country regardless of whether such medicines and products are brought in as freight or by a doctor in hand carry.

Prior to a Major Games, research the customs and freight information provided by the IOC, IPC and/or Major Games Organizing Committee on the policy regarding the import and export of medicines as well as scientific and medical equipment at the Major Games location. Also, please research the Department of State website at www.travel.state.gov regarding international travel and import restrictions for US Citizens as well as any supplemental information posted for any upcoming Major Games.