Navigating this Course


Course content is broken down into Modules and Lessons. Each Module represents an organized section of content. You will find 2 or more lessons inside each modules. The lesson pages hold the content. The main page has a progress bar and list of all the modules. You can select a module to open a page that lists the lessons or you can hit the expand all button to show all the lessons in each module.


Once you have finished with lesson content you will need to click the blue Mark Complete button at the bottom of the page. This will allow you to advance on to the next lesson/module. It will also advance the progress bar and allow you track how much content you have completed or have left to complete.


The side menu will be available throughout the course, but can also be collapse using the white arrow in the top right portion of the menu.

You will also find blue check marks next to module and lesson titles indicating which ones you have marked complete.