Mid-Therapy Update Copy

The mid-therapy update occurs in Session 8 of Cue-Centered Therapy and is conducted with both the child and the caregiver. In this session, the child’s progress in therapy is reviewed having the child serve as a co-informer. The main purpose of this session is twofold:

1) Emphasize the child’s empowerment and facilitate the paradigmatic shift from a victim mindset to a survivor mindset

2) Engage the caregiver and highlight their coaching role in the process of healing and recovery

Tasha and mom at mid therapy update. Mom saying "I am so proud of you baby!"
Tasha and mom at mid-therapy update

Empowerment Through Progress Update

In Session 8, the caregiver is updated about their child’s progress in the first two treatment phases. The session begins with praise for the hard work that the child has done in therapy. Next, the therapist and child inform the caregiver about skills learned and treatment progress. Both of these processes (complimenting the child and giving them a more active role as an informant) ultimately empower the child. You can engage the child as a co-informant in a number of ways, but it’s important to first check if the child feels comfortable sharing this information with the caregiver.