Concluding Remarks Copy

We hope that this experience has provided a greater appreciation for anti-doping considerations when treating patient-athletes.  

As a medical professional, you may be completely new to the field of anti-doping or you may have some previous experience. Regardless, it is critical that you understand current anti-doping rules and procedures that govern sport as well as know where to access resources to assist you in treating patient-athletes. The landscape of anti-doping and performance enhancement is continuously evolving. 

After participating in this experience you should be able to: 

  1. Recognize and understand anti-doping rules and policies that apply to medical professionals and patient-athletes. 
  2. Be aware of the potential sanctions for medical professionals who fail to comply with anti-doping rules. 
  3. Consider ways medical professionals can facilitate positive attitudes with regard to anti-doping and clean sport.  
  4. Identify ways to become more involved in the anti-doping community. 
  5. Understand the most recent version of the Prohibited List and utilize resources to verify the status of substance/medications/methods with regard to their use in sport. 
  6. Understand the Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE) process and know when it is appropriate and how to submit a complete TUE application.  
  7. Recognize dietary supplement products and the resources available to identify anti-doping risks for patient-athletes who use them. 
  8. Counsel patient-athletes about anti-doping rules, sample collection processes as well as athlete & athlete support personnel rights/responsibilities. 

Thank you for your dedication to clean and fair sport competition. Good luck and please visit the Resources and References Section of the course to explore/download information to assist you in your endeavors. If you’re interested in a Participation Certificate (non-MDs) or a CME Credit Certificate (MDs) you’ll need to continue on to the next section of the course – CME Credit Instructions. 

USADA invites you to take a feedback survey and share with us ways to improve the course in the future.