Blood Collection Copy

Athletes can also be selected for blood collection at any time and at any location. Similar to urine collection, the athletes’ rights and responsibilities and the steps in the process – selection, notification, reporting to the doping control station, providing the sample, selecting the kits and securing the sample – remain the same.
Your role as an athlete representative remains the same.

Please be aware that while most anti-doping organizations (ADOs) operate under the same WADA standards for sample collection, there may be slight differences in how USADA DCOs execute sample collection compared to other ADOs or International Sporting Federations.

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What is DBS? (Dried Blood Spot) 

With DBS, a very small amount of blood can be captured from capillary blood vessels in the skin (rather than a vein), then blotted and dried on paper or other suitable absorbent material (like a polymer). The sample is shipped to a World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA)-accredited laboratory, where the blood is processed and analyzed to detect prohibited substances or methods.