A Hybrid, Multi-Modal Approach Copy

CCT is a multi-modal intervention, meaning that it’s a hybrid of several, empirically validated therapeutic modalities. It integrates core components that have been shown to be the best practices in trauma interventions. CCT incorporates main elements of cognitive-behavioral therapy including psychoeducation, development of skills around emotional regulation, and coping. It also includes components of insight-oriented therapy, such as recognition of the connection between traumatic events, emotional responses, and behaviors. In addition, CCT encompasses elements of approaching the trauma content, exposure practice, and meaning-making by using the narrative process for integrating trauma experiences. CCT therapists are encouraged to integrate their own approaches and therapy skills into the treatment process.

CCT visual concept map demonstrating the therapy encompasses psychoeducation, exposure, coping skills, narrative process, empowerment, and the therapist's own approaches and skills.
CCT integrates multiple approaches, including a therapist’s own, unique skillset

A randomized controlled trial of children treated with CCT compared to a waitlist control group demonstrated a sustained reduction in posttraumatic symptoms, anxiety, and depression; improved overall functioning; and reductions in caregivers’ anxiety and depression.