Lesson 1: LearnDash Layouts Explored

eLumine and LearnDash work together like water and salt – that is to say, LearnDash completely blends in. The theme completely supports LearnDash with experiences tailored for the plugin.

Like the Course Archive Page for example!

Course Type and Price Indicators: course-layout-updates


The course type, cost (if paid), course reviews are all clearly defined. And if you’re logged in, you get to see your course progress, for courses you have enrolled in.

Course Progress Indicator (for logged in students):



So, you must’ve observed the all-new updated single course page! You’re looking at it right now!

Pretty neat, right?!

The course summary on the right helps you always keep track of how far you’ve progressed in the course. Kind of like a reminder of lessons and topics completed, and the course content that lay ahead.

Step-wise Course Progress Indicator (for logged in Students):


eLumine Feature Note

If you’ve scrolled through the course archive page (or the ‘All Courses’ page), you’ll have noticed the infinite scroll feature. Gone are the days when you had to rely on students clicking buttons to explore your courses. With this functionality, courses will be unveiled upon scrolling; thus, upping your chances of course sign-ups.

You HAVE to check out the quiz as part of this course to truly see the potential of this theme. Prepare to be WOWed!