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Introduction to Pediatric Mechanical Ventilation
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This course was designed to give pediatric residents a basic introduction to the principles of mechanical ventilation in the Pediatric ICU setting.

Module created by:
Elisa Phillips MD
Kevin Kuo MD MHPE
Sarah Hilgenberg MD

Learning Objectives

  • Identify the indications for acute mechanical ventilation
  • Describe the major determinants of oxygenation and ventilation
  • Demonstrate how to adjust mean airway pressure and minute ventilation
  • Define the variables associated with mechanical ventilation (FiO2, PEEP, PIP, RR, Vt, I time)
  • Compare and contrast different modes of ventilation
  • Recognize the relationship between volume and pressure in lung compliance
  • Demonstrate how to adjust mechanical ventilation for patients with hypoxia and hypercarbia

MY Healthy Future Repeat
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Created by the Tobacco Prevention Toolkit Team at Stanford University

The Toolkit Team would like to give credit to the free graphic design platform, Canva. Almost all the visuals and videos presented throughout the course were made possible in a timely manner thanks to Canva. Click on the logo below to check out more.

Terapia de Claves Traumáticas
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