WGEA Tool Usage – Yuja

What is Yuja?

Yuja is video/media platform with a robust and learner-centric player. The features we find most valuable for our purposes are:

1. Index for creating timecode synced chapters

2. Closed Captioning that can be auto-captioned in multiple languages, easily downloaded and modified

3. Notes that can be pre-populated with instructor feedback or talking points

4. Comments that learners can leave, can be turned on or off

5. Resources for embedding documents, images, and PDFs that can be viewed alongside the video. This feature is especially helpful with case-based materials where students benefit from seeing an EMR or case-file while watching the story-based media.


  1. 7 options for playback speed ranging from 0.75x to 4x
  2. Option to incorporate multiple language CC options
  3. Option for learner to download media, can be turned off

Below is an H5P Hotspot interactive map of the interface and below that is a sample video of Yuja in action from our Health After Cancer course.