Treatment Format and Psychoeducation Session Recap Copy

CCT consists of 15 sessions organized into four phases of intervention.

  • Phase 1: Psychoeducation and introduction to coping tools. Child and caregiver perspectives on trauma symptoms may differ and should be addressed. 
  • Phase 2: Life timeline and trauma narrative. During the timeline and narrative exercises, we identify emotions, cognitive distortions (i.e., unhelpful thoughts), cues, and memory gaps. We then help to restructure these unhelpful thoughts.
  • Phase 3: Gradual exposure to cues—starting with imaginary, followed by in-session and in vivo.
  • Phase 4: Integration of learned skills while revisiting the trauma experiences, making sure that intervention effects are maintained after termination.

In addition, take-home assignments are used to reinforce skills learned through practice in everyday life. 

Check your knowledge on the sequence of concepts taught through the psychoeducation session by dragging and dropping the tile topics in the correct order on to the numbered islands!

The treatment format concludes the session on psychoeducation. You should now have the foundational knowledge to explain to the child and the caregiver the concept and importance of:

CCT treatment illustration recap