The Trauma Narrative(s) Exercise Copy

Here is Brian’s completed narrative. Please list any emotions, cognitive distortions, and potential cues identified in his story. Please update the list as the therapist clarifies information within the narrative in Session 5 (demonstrated later in this module). The full list will be provided as a reference at the end of Session 5.

“I live with my mom in a small town. My mom works at the gas station during the day and at a local pub in the evening. She drinks a lot, and often comes home late at night and under the influence. She often sleeps in and can’t wake up for work. We are at the gas station, her workplace. The manager starts yelling at her, accusing her of stealing some money. He fires her. It is her day off, we are supposed to spend the day together. He is yelling and calling her names. He is telling her she is a ‘drunk thief’ and lots of other names. I feel embarrassed and awkward. Everyone is staring at us. When we come home, mom yells at me and beats me up. We mostly eat canned food. There is not much food around.  Sometimes me and my mom go to the grocery store and steal some food. Mom says that it is bad, but we need to survive. The security guy catches us, mom yells back, and he lets us go. I often stay home alone; my mom locks me up so I can’t run away. It is scary when it is dark. I can’t remember what happens next, it is blank in my mind. Someone tells Social Services I am home alone. They come to visit us. One lady is nice, she hugs me. Others are scary and serious. I am afraid they might take me away from my mom. When they are gone, mom is upset. She is yelling, throwing things and she beats me very hard. I have bruises all over my body. I deserve it because I am no good. I am scared. I might lose her. Sometimes I throw things back. I feel lonely and sad because nobody loves me. We are in the city. The city is gloomy. The apartment is small. Mom’s friends and boyfriends are there. They drink and take drugs. Her boyfriend offers me drugs. Mom yells at him, he beats her up, then me. There is no place to go. My grandma is always angry at me, she keeps telling me things like “You are just like your mother—a lazy, worthless loser, no good will come from you’. And my aunt tells me all those things, too. I feel bad, I am a loser. I am dumb and lazy. But I want to be like my mom when she is OK and not taking drugs or drinking.”

Feelings worksheet completed
Brian’s Feelings Worksheet 1A