Other Key Points to Remember at the Games Copy

It is likely that most Major Games will be held outside of the United States. Here are some key points to remember while traveling to, and prescribing medications to an athlete, at a Major Games. 

1. Check the status of every ingredient of OTC and prescription medications as ingredients of similar brands could vary by country.

2. The same is true for dietary supplements as labeling and manufacturing processes could vary by country. Athletes are under strict liability for their medications and dietary supplements. 

3. Status of ingredients/brands of medications in other countries can be determined by:- Contacting the National Anti-Doping Agency (NADO) of the country. 
– Referencing the Pharmacy Guide for the Games.
– Contacting the Games Medical Commission.
– Contacting the pharmacists at the Polyclinic at the Athletes Village.

4. The needle declaration form is distinct from anti-doping requirements. If a prohibited substance is prescribed to an athlete during the Games, an approved TUE will be required prior to taking the prohibited substance, in addition to submitting a needle declaration form.