Needle Policy During the Olympic Games Copy

Most Major Games are ‘needle free’ for all participating athletes. 

1. It is the responsibility of the athlete, his/her entourage, and each National Olympic Committee (NOC) to ensure compliance with this policy.

2. Any needles & associated clinical materials intended for use by members of its delegation are stored in a central secured location, access to which is restricted to authorized medical personnel of the NOC delegation. Athletes with a valid TUE for the use of insulin & non-athletes requiring other forms of auto-injection may keep appropriate materials with them if safely stored and disposed of in accordance with the regulations;

3. All used needles and associated materials (vials, syringes, and swabs) are safely disposed of in an appropriate bio-hazards container (e.g. “sharps bin”). If necessary, these may be procured from the Olympic Village Polyclinic; 

4. Whenever an Athlete receives an injection during the period of the Games (i.e. from the date of the opening of the Olympic Village(s) to and including the date of the Closing Ceremonies, a formal declaration via the “Injection Declaration Form” shall be duly completed on-line or delivered to the Olympic Village Polyclinic for processing by the IOC/IPC Medical and Scientific Commission no later than noon the day following such injection. This applies to all injections administered to Athletes; 

5. Needles may only be used by: (i) medically qualified practitioners for the clinically justified treatment of injury, illness or other medical conditions (for which a valid TUE may be required); or (ii) those requiring auto-injection therapy for an established medical condition with a valid TUE (e.g. insulin dependent diabetes). 

Please read the specific needle policy document prior to any Major Games. This document is made available by the relevant governing committee for the particular Games.