Therapist-Taught Tools Copy

The purpose of therapist-taught tools is to serve as a launching point for youth, especially those who have few or no coping tools, by offering suggestions for what coping strategies may work for them. They are based on scientifically proven techniques and best practices to manage distress such as: relaxation exercises, visual imagery, meditation, and mindfulness. All tools, whether therapist-taught or child-developed,  serve to help the child manage heightened reactions that are associated with the fight-or-flight response.

During this module you will learn to:

  1. Teach deep breathing exercises to the child 
  2. Demonstrate progressive muscle relaxation with the child
  3. Guide the child through visual imagery
  4. Demonstrate the feelings thermometer to the child 
  5. Guide the child in practicing mindfulness 
  6. Explain cognitive coping tools to the child  

To begin this module, select the first lesson below, “Deep Breathing.”