COVID-19 and Vaping

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It may seem like lung health isn’t something a young person should have to worry about, but recently we’ve seen different lung health issues that have had a huge impact on young people.

The first was EVALI (E-cigarette or Vaping product use-Associated Lung Injury), which lead to thousands of people being hospitalized and dozens dying after becoming very sick just from vaping. These illnesses were linked to two things: (1) vaping THC, the substance in cannabis (weed) that causes a “buzz,” and (2) vitamin E acetate, a common ingredient in vape liquids. Many of these people were young and healthy before using e-cigarettes and being diagnosed with EVALI.

More recently, we’ve all seen how important lung health is related to COVID-19 since it affects the lungs and respiratory system. Watch the video below to see how smoking and vaping can make it harder for the body to fight off infections like COVID-19.


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If you aren’t currently smoking or vaping, it’s a great idea to keep it that way. Staying smoke-free and vape-free will really help your body stay healthy and fight off infections.

If you are currently smoking or vaping, this is a great time to go smoke-free and/or vape-free. Your body will immediately start to repair the damage caused by smoking or vaping and give you a better chance of staying healthy and fighting off infections. If you aren’t ready to go smoke-free or vape-free, you can reduce how much and how often you smoke or vape.

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